Tabitha O'Melay

I have been inspired by the portfolio sites of peers and mentors and often wished I had my own, so when the time came to choose a capstone project for Foundations at Holberton School I transformed that wish into a goal with a timeline. This website is the product.

a screenshot of the home page

Purpose and Product

How I Destroyed 3 Servers, Rebuilt Them, and Destroyed Them Again the Next Day

An image of the command line where repeated ssh attempts result in “port 22: connection refused.”
This is what we were warned about.

Issue Summary

an icon of a human hand and images of common connected devices (Free for commercial use No attribution required)
Many of the common devices we use and own are examples of consumer IoT
there really aren’t enough memes about SQL

What the hell is SQL?

Illustration by J. W. Smith of little red riding hood being approached by the wolf.

Tabitha O'Melay

Software Engineer. Lover of books, games, and gardens. Skilled daydreamer. Enthusiast.

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